The Vineyard

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An historical fiction written about the first land grant given to a free settler in the NSW colony by Governor Phillips in 1791. The author traces the history of this estate and early colonial home through its inhabitants until it was demolished for a carpark in the early 1960s.

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    A well researched novel bringing together the entire history of the Vineyard – Subiaco story in one entertaining book.
    Begins with the granting of the first land grant to the German Philip Schaeffer and the construction of the first cottage and continues right through the various families that were associated with the site such as the Waterhouse, Cox, Blaxland families and of course Hannibal Macarthur who engaged James Houison to construct the final building known as The Vineyard
    Following the bankruptcy of Hannibal the story continues with the occupancy of the building by the Benedictine Nuns and Sylvestrine Monks and then the final destruction in the early 60’s to make way for a carpark.
    Although the fictionalised account has some created characters and incidents, it is largely true to the history of the site and the evolving events in the colony.
    All in all it is a pleasing addition to the growing list of books involving the story of Parramatta and hopefully will encourage people who have only a passing interest in history to learn more about our intriguing heritage.
    – Jeffrey Allen, President, Parramatta and District Historical Society.

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