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In 2023 the Freemantle Road Connections was launched as a quarterly community magazine that covers a rural community that lives in an historic rural and gold mining area north of Bathurst. It is published by On The Stone at Killongbutta and is catalogued with the National Library with this ISSN 2653-8482.

The magazine publishes stories about this area, past and present, local news with contributors articles about hobbies, the Freemantle Rural Fire Service Brigade, and the ‘Platypus Pals’ page which encourages kids and youth in the area to publish their stories, art and photography.

The magazine is written and edited by Marje Prior whose primary interest is in writing the four-paged history feature based on her extensive research as a journalist and oral historian.

Click on these links to read the issues:

Autumn 2023 Issue 1

Winter 2023 Issue 2