‘Bobby’, the life story of Marge McCann

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Bobby’ is the life story of Marge McCann, who was born into difficult circumstances at the beginning of the great depression. Her formative years as a child describe how her family lived during the depression, their involvement in the Spiritualist Church and the strong influence of her father who whipped her as a child.

As a young mother, she endured the stigma of living in poverty with a married man during a time when unmarried mothers were being forced to give up their babies. The family’s fortune changed when they moved to Canberra in the early 1960s where Marge built a great career for herself before being struck down by cancer. Her inspiring story of surviving cancer and the negative influences in her life provides an insight into this remarkable woman who, in her late 60s, takes off by herself to explore the Northern Territory and Western Australia in her four wheel drive.

Available in Hardcover. Printed in full colour with photographs. To purchase a copy of this book phone Peter McCann 0423 461 967.